Collect Runes and possess their power!

Published on 27.07.2023 in News

The runic alphabet (Elder Futhark) was once used by Germanic peoples. According to beliefs, the god Odin sacrificed his life to receive knowledge of runic magic so he could share it with others. Germania Mint released a collection of Runes in the form of silver bars, allowing you to possess the hidden power contained in them. In the article below you will find out each sign means.

Silver bars in the form of Runes

Germania Mint is a leading manufacturer of investment cast bars and collectible coins. Runes are another product that, as the first comments indicate, will appeal to Collectors. The six letters of the runic alphabet will be issued in the form of silver bars, and it’s up to you to decide whether you want them all or just a selection.

Each Rune is ennobled with a magical color, which is only revealed when illuminated with a UV flashlight from Germania Mint. A certificate of authenticity and minimalist packaging complete the Rune both as a collector?s item and as an ideal gift.

The meaning of each Rune

The amulet with the FEHU Rune attracts wealth and ensures material prosperity. It stimulates to action. Generates personal power and charisma. It protects wealth, money and personal possessions. It is also protection against harmful energy.

The URUZ Rune will provide strength and power for action, strengthen determination in pursuit of goals, endow willpower, confidence and courage, good health and energy. It will improve concentration, tame aggression, strengthen independence.

Amulet with ANZUS Rune will give courage and confidence. It sends inspiration and inspiration, stimulates creativity, while protecting against manipulation and deception. It promotes communication and clarity of message.

WUNJO Rune brings happiness, maintains serenity, optimism and harmony. It supports the realization of plans, the fulfillment of dreams, and ensures good relations with others.

Amulet with ALGIZ Rune provides protection and adds strength, guarantees safety and balance. It is also a protection against self, bad thoughts, fears and misfortune.

The DAGAZ Rune promotes new beginnings, helps finish old matters, promotes happiness, strengthens the body, regenerates, promotes enlightenment. It protects against negative energies.

Where to buy Germania Mint Runes

The Runes will be available at Germania Mint Distributors in September 2023.

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