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Legends are an inseparable part of every Culture. Civilizations around the world have outdone themselves with the ingenuity and variety of mythical stories. With the times many tales passed down from generation to generation have become an inseparable part of historical records. Among the captivating descriptions of wars and tragic love stories the legends are overflowed with information about mythical monsters.The rich history of Ancient Germania culture is full of oldest and most terrifying creatures in Medieval Northern and Western Europe. Most beasts from the Germanic bestiary were harmful and dangerous, few regarded as useful and protective allies, all used in stories to teach obedience, respect and submissiveness. Are dragons, trolls, elves, giants, werewolves and other creatures just a Fairy-tales? Well, “at the heart of every legend there is a grain of truth”, keep your eyes and ears open on your next hiking trip…

Germania Beasts Fafnir

gold line

Metal content Purity Diameter Mintage
Germania Beasts: Fafnir Geminus 2 x 1 oz Silver BU 2 x 1 oz 999.9 Ag 38.61 mm 500
Germania Beasts: Fafnir 1 oz Silver BU 1 oz 999.9 Ag 38.61 mm 25 000
Germania Beasts: Fafnir Ultra Double High Relief 2 oz Silver BU 2 oz 999.9 Ag 45 mm 999

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