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… And finally, the time will come when the decrees of fate are fulfilled, when the world ends. The time of Ragnarök, the Destiny of the Gods… Embark with us on a journey that will take you through the end of the world. The dramatic Ragnarök is a battle between light and darkness, leading to destruction and renewal. On that memorable day, gods and titans stood against each other, signaling the fall of the ancient order. First, the terrifying barking of Garm, the hound of hell, was heard. Loki and Fenrir broke free from their bonds to seek revenge on the gods. Heimdall blew the Gjallarhorn for the last time… Amidst the destruction, a few survivors in the mystical Yggdrasil initiated a new era. The Ragnarök coin series from Germania Mint timelessly embodies this cycle of destruction and renewal, symbolizing enduring hope and rebirth despite despair. As part of the Ragnarök series, the following coins will be available: Sköll 1 oz Black Silver BU, Hati 1 oz Black Silver BU, Sköll & Hati Geminus 2 x 1 oz Silver BU, Sköll & Hati 2 oz Silver BU Ultra High Relief.

Ragnarok 2024

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Year Metal content Purity Diameter Mintage
2024 Ragnarök: Sköll & Hati 2 oz Silver BU Ultra High Relief 2024 2 oz 999.9 Ag 45.00 mm 500