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What awaits us after death? The Norse warriors were certain that they would meet the Valkyries on the other side. These beautiful goddesses, daughters of Odin – the god of war and warriors, would carry the heroes to the afterlife, to Valhalla. There the brave heroes fought battles and their attendants served them at the feast table. Apart from that, however, they decided the fate of the combatants – they sent them to death, gave them life, announced defeat or victory. The exceptionally beautiful golden-haired virgins wore shining helmets and armour and rode winged horses and wolves. Their weapons were spears and shields, which contrasted strongly with the delicate white robes. The Valkyries series will pay tribute to the female Germanic warriors who bravely faced the enemies they encountered. Their names are full of symbolism, which we will try to present on the coins in the most interesting way, with characteristic for us care and attention to detail.


gold line
Year Metal content Purity Diameter Mintage
2022 Valkyries: Hildegard 1 oz Silver BU 2022 1 oz 999.9 Ag 38.61 mm 25 000
2022 Valkyries: Hildegard Valhalla 1 oz Silver BU 2022 1 oz 999.9 Ag 38.61 mm 999
2022 Valkyries: Hildegard 2 oz Silver Ultra High Relief 2022 2 oz 999.9 Ag 45.00 mm 999

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