Why Germania Mint?

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Why Germania Mint?

We have been in the numismatic industry for over 30 years, but it wasn’t until 2018 that we decided to create our own brand of coins and numismatic products. It quickly turned out that our idea worked and they won the hearts of Collectors around the world. Today, we can confidently say that we create products that set new trends and determine a new quality in world numismatics. With our designs we refer to European history and German mythology will always remain our greatest inspiration.

“Numi” what?

Numismatics – it’s highly likely that you haven’t heard of it before, but for now you’ll have to take our word for it that it’s one of the most rapidly growing fields. A bit in contrast to the modern world, which often focuses on virtuality, we create small works of art that you can take in your hand and admire. What’s more, we make them from precious metals, which means that their value will only increase and will not devalue even in 1000 years. In any case, there are many others like us in the world – Collectors, Investors, Associations and Fan Clubs, Banks and Mints – passionate about numismatics.

Not just a hobby

We are all involved in creating products in our specialty, including:

  • Graphic Designer – creates amazing coin enhancement designs, packaging or marketing materials,
  • Printer – makes coins even more glamorous (and valuable) with unique refinements,
  • Procurement Specialist – has a finger on the pulse of the coin and precious metals supplier industry,
  • Project Manager – like a virtuoso, he makes sure projects are completed to the highest standard,
  • Foundry Worker – his eye and hands make Germania Mint bars absolutely perfect,
  • Storekeeper – keeps the vault in order so that not a single granule of silver is lost,
  • Production Worker – makes sure our packaging sets the standard for quality in the numismatic world,
  • Sales Supervisor – thanks to him our Distributors from all over the world are delighted with our customer service,
  • Manager – coordinates the work of the Team and ensures the best conditions for the development of our employees.

Therefore, if you are concerned that you have never held a silver coin in your hand, do not worry at all. If you are a specialist in your field, you are welcome to join us.

Our location

Our head office is located at 21 Wojska Polskiego Avenue in Jelenia Góra – a beautiful town in Lower Silesia, situated in Jelenia Góra Valley. Our Employees appreciate the fact that we are located in the city center, so they can get home quickly, run errands after work or pick up their children from school. The company also has a free large parking lot.

How do we work?

Speaking of working hours – we are flexible. If only the rhythm of your department allows it, you can adjust the working hours to your own needs. And if something unplanned happens, you can agree with your supervisor to come later or leave earlier, making up for the missed hours at any time.

If you have any doubts?

We hope you know a little more about us now, but we know we can’t cover everything here. So if you would like to talk to us about what it’s like to work at Germania Mint, or if you have any doubts as to whether there is a place for you in our company – even if we are not currently recruiting for a particular position – go ahead and contact us.

Thanks and we invite you to cooperation – see you!