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The packaging is a natural vehicle for telling the story behind each coin. Thanks to Germania Mint’s solutions for the storage, protection and, most importantly, presentation of these precious rounds, coin producers have the opportunity to enhance the Collector’s experience while increasing the value of their products.

While creating its packaging, Germania Mint applies the knowledge and know-how from over a decade of product-development work on hundreds of projects for the world’s largest banks and mints. The company’s innovative and uncompromising approach to both design and quality has made packaging for Germania Mint coins and bars an integral part of its premium limited edition products, creating a new quality on the collector’s market.

The starting point for the creation of any packaging is always the coin – it inspires the creative concepts for the narrative, and then the selection of the appropriate form and design. From concept, to prototype, to volume production, Germania Mint creates packaging in a variety of formats, sizes, and finishing. Specializing in paper, laminated and wooden boxes, the company is constantly exploring new ways of displaying numismatic items, such as in acrylic and metal.

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