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  • Can I buy a coin / bar from you?
  • When will the coin be available?
    • When an image of a coin appears on our site, it’s a sign that it will soon go on sale. Sign up for our newsletter and follow our social media profiles, and you won’t miss a thing.
  • How much does the coin cost?
  • Why is the price different at various Distributors? / Why is it so expensive?
    • We have no influence on the gross retail prices and taxation in which Distributors sell our products.
  • I want to make a complain about the product.
    • Since we do not sell at retail, any concerns should be reported to the Distributor, who can refer the complaint to us.
  • Can I buy a coin capsule from you?
    • We do not conduct retail sales. We encourage you to check the offers of our Distributors from the list at https://germaniamint.com/retail. Many of them also sell our accessories.
  • I need a new Certificate for the coin, because my old one got damaged / lost.
    • Due to the security of our Customers’ investments and Germania Mint’s copyright policy, we cannot duplicate certificates.
  • I want to become your Distributor.
  • I want to buy larger quantities of your products.
  • How can I check the authenticity of the bar?
    • Please send us to info@germaniamint.com both numbers from your bar – engraved (on the front) and hologram (on the back). We will check if their combination corresponds to the one in our database. An app will be launched in the near future that will allow you to do this yourself.
  • I want you to make a coin / 100 coins / medal for me.
    • Since we focus on our own products and the development of the Germania Mint brand, we do not offer custom minting services.