About us

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Germania Mint was established in 2018 thanks to Kurowski Group’s long-standing experience with thousands of international numismatic projects over the past decade. Initially as one of the original ideas, Germania Mint was the first in which Kurowski Group was fully responsible for all stages of its development – from the design and production of the coins and their packaging, to marketing activities, to sales and distribution.

The origins of the company date back to 1986, when Apolinary Kurowski – father of Szymon Kurowski (the owner of Germania Mint), established a numismatic store in Jelenia Góra, Poland. Since then, the family business has evolved into a 250-person company with a global reach. To date, the enterprise produces coin packaging and ennobling for some 500 leading numismatic companies from around the world, including mints and central banks.



Today, using years of experience in numismatic packaging and coin ennobling, Germania Mint creates unique solutions for its products. Caps, blisters, wooden boxes and other accessories, dedicated to their own realizations, are an integral part of each issue. The packaging not only protects the precious rounds from damage or the passage of time, but also complements the story that each coin from Germania Mint carries.

In 2021, in addition to continuing its coin collection, Germania Mint is issuing new series and introducing to the global market its first investment product – Silver Cast Bars. The bars, due to their attractive design and high quality craftsmanship, quickly became a collector’s item. The company is currently working on expanding its product range to include more sizes and variations of bars.

The successes of our products encourage us to work even harder on new projects. Being in constant contact with the numismatic community, we continue to listen to what Collectors and Investors have to say about our efforts. By continually being inspired by their ideas and learning from their feedback, we will master ourselves in creating products of unprecedented quality, that we hope will continue to fascinate the numismatic world.

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