Custom Products

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Inroducing the latest innovation: Custom Products – a unique addition to our comprehensive offering. Tailored specifically for our valued Customers, these creations are the culmination of Germania Mint’s extensive expertise and craftmanship. Let’s cooperate!

“I’ve been building this brand for years, breaking patterns by being a pioneer in many aspects. Let’s cooperate, together we will create a new product for your brand – designed according to your idea but manufactured by Germania Mint.”

Szymon Kurowski, CEO & Founder

Our collector coins and investment bars are currently among the most recognizable and innovative numismatic products on the market. Their uniqueness is demonstrated not only by the design and exceptional quality but also by the overall presentation, including packaging crafted to the highest standards. As a brand, we have worked for years to achieve this effect, learning from our own mistakes and drawing conclusions. This has allowed us to attain a standard of execution and design that is exceptional in the numismatic industry, characteristic of Germania Mint today.

Let’s cooperate!

Today, we want to share our accumulated experience. Therefore, we offer our partners a service called Custom Products. If you believe your company is ready to introduce a new numismatic product to the market, we can assist you. We provide comprehensive support in the design and production of products along with packaging.

How to start

Contact us, and we will provide you with more information. You will be assigned a representative from Germania Mint who will guide this project for you. All you need is an idea, and we will take care of the rest!