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Foretelling the future, warding off evil spirits, and secret botanical knowledge were the key abilities that distinguished Germanic Seeresses. In times when the skills of witches were appreciated, and the concept of black magic did not yet exist, their presence among people was incredibly valuable. These extraordinary and beautiful women had the power to perform healing rituals, guaranteeing them a unique status in society. They surrounded themselves with animals and willingly shared their knowledge of plants with others. Meet the heroines of the new coin series from Germania Mint: Witchcraft. Discover their magic, delve into the symbolism hidden in the coin details, and draw energy from magical stones.

Witchcraft 2023

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Year Metal content Purity Diameter Mintage
2023 Witchcraft: Seeress 1 oz Silver BU 2023 1 oz 999.9 Ag 40,00 mm 20 000
2023 Witchcraft: Seeress Ritual 1 oz Silver BU 2023 1 oz 999.9 Ag 40,00 mm 2 000
2023 Witchcraft: Seeress 2 oz Silver BU Ultra High Relief 2023 2 oz 999.9 Ag 55.00 mm 999