2023 Witchcraft: Seeress 2 oz Silver BU Ultra High Relief

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  • 2023 Witchcraft: Seeress 2 oz Silver BU Ultra High Relief obverse
  • 2023 Witchcraft: Seeress 2 oz Silver BU Ultra High Relief reverse
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2023 Witchcraft: Seeress 2 oz Silver BU Ultra High Relief


  • Series: WITCHCRAFT
  • Year: 2023
  • Grade: UHR
  • Denomination: 10 mark
  • Mint mark: Germania Mint
  • Metal content 2 oz
  • Purity 999.9 Ag
  • Diameter 55.00 mm
  • Mintage 999 pcs
  • Finishing:
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Presenting the exquisite debut of the latest series by Germania Mint – 2023 Witchcraft: Seeress 2 oz Silver Ultra High Relief coin. This collection embarks on a journey through the mystical world of Germanic sorceress, who possessed the extraordinary abilities to foresee the future, shield against malevolent forces, and wield profound botanical wisdom.

In preparation for her enigmatic rituals, the Seeress adorns herself in ceremonial attire, her hand firmly clutching her staff, an emblem of her mystical authority. Before her, atop a mound of stones, lies the mystical crystal through which the Seeress fulfills her divine calling. By her side stands Ratatosk, the mythical squirrel entrusted with the sacred task of transmitting messages among the denizens of the World Tree, Yggdrasil.

The reverse side boasts an entirely fresh design, yet preserves the iconic two-headed eagle emblem of Germania Mint. Its central focal point comprises of animal skulls and dragons, symbolizing the realm of the departed. Enigmatic Germanic runes encircle these symbols, believed to usher in blessings, fortune, and protective energies.

Of particular significance is the distinctive shape of this coin. Germania Mint introduces an octagon-shaped coin for the very first time, adding a remarkable and exclusive issue to the collection. Aventurine added to this version of the coin, has unique properties, both medicinal and magical, and is associated with good luck and prosperity.

Masterfully crafted by the talented artist Mateusz Frąckowiak, this coin is slated for release in a limited edition of 999 pieces. Each coin’s authenticity is duly verified with the accompanying Certificate of Authenticity. We strongly urge you to acquire these coveted coins exclusively from our trusted sources, which can be conveniently located on our Retail Distributors page.