Germania Beasts – Fafnir Geminus 2 x 1 oz Silver BU

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  • Germania Beasts – Fafnir Geminus 2 x 1 oz Silver BU obverse
  • Germania Beasts – Fafnir Geminus 2 x 1 oz Silver BU reverse
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Germania Beasts – Fafnir Geminus 2 x 1 oz Silver BU


  • Year: 2020
  • Grade: BU
  • Denomination: 2 x 5 mark
  • Mint mark: Germania Mint
  • Metal content 2 x 1 oz
  • Purity 999.9 Ag
  • Diameter 38.61 mm
  • Mintage 500 pcs
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  • Package:

Obverse: Fafnir Beast
Reverse: Bicephalous Eagle

We are proud to present the unique and rare special edition set of two upgraded Fafnir Geminus coins. The two separate Obverse & Reverse images create an integral picture. To emphasize the uniqueness, the worldwide mintage of this coins is limited to 500 sets.

The obverse & reverse story

To emphasize amazingness of the Fafnir, we have created special edition set of two improved coins, refined with gold, ruthenium and palladium! Of course, we didn’t stop with just the regular refining. Each coin from the set has been covered by elements (gold, ruthenium and palladium) in a different way. The background of one coin is covered by ruten and Fafnir is covered by gold. The effect on the other coin from the set is opposite. This means that you can endlessly admire two types of pattern, golden or anthracite dragon shaped in infinity.

The coin design has been precisely planned and created by Natalia Danysz. The idea used in this project is very rare in the Numismatic World! Seemingly two separate displays compose integral part. The Fafnir’s visualisation has been created in a way, where two parts of its body placed on obverse and reverse of one coin create an image of a dragon’s in the infinity sign shape. To see this effect, coin needs to be flipped or two coins with Fafnir needs to be placed, obverse & reverse, one above the other.

The integral part of Germania series is the symbol of two-headed eagle. On Fafnir’s coins eagle is located on the reverse, encircled by dragon’s tail.

Limited quantity, 500 pieces only, creates a remarkable opportunity to become an exclusive owner of precious coins. Also its upgraded look and elegant packaging make it an amazing gift for numismatists or even for someone who is not an avid collector.

Sets of coins are numbered and coins in set are marked as coin A and coin B. This makes every set unique and guaranties its authenticity.

The Fafnir dragon is a legend and we are convinced that our Fafnir Geminus will be legendary!


Exceptional coins deserve luxury packaging. Like all of our series Fafnir’s set has also been made from the best quality materials and with extra touch of unique effects. Blisterpack is made from paper with metallic effect and unique 3D embossing, and for the first time in Germania Mint history packaging is made in colours. Every package has been created with dedication to the set, including especially designed capsules, to highlight its uniqueness and provide safety storage.

All our coins are certified. The COA included in each set provides all the necessary information and guarantees the coins value.