Germania Mint’s Participation in the 39th IMD-TC Plenary Meeting

Published on 25.04.2024 in News

From April 15th to 18th, 2024, Szymon Kurowski (CEO and Founder) and Jakub Zawistowski (CTO) had the honor of participating in the 39th Plenary Meeting of the International Technical Committee of Mint Directors (IMD-TC) in Schuler Innovation Tower, Stuttgart/Göppingen, Germany. This prestigious conference has been accompanying us since we became a member of this elite group last year.

Participants of the 39th IMD-TC Plenary Meeting

Focused on Technical Aspects of the Coin Minting Market

Unlike typical trade shows or conferences, the 39th Plenary Meeting of the IMD-TC focuses on the technical aspects of the coin minting market. It’s a place where technical directors of mints, R&D specialists, and leading technology suppliers gather.

The Future of Numismatics and Physical Currency

As one of the few private mints, we are proud of our ability to have a real impact on the future of numismatics and physical currency worldwide. Our presence at this event is evidence of our determination to strive for excellence and participate in shaping the future.

Germania Mint representatives – Jakub Zawistwoski (left, CTO) and Szymon Kurowski (right, CEO & Founder)

Participation in Project Groups

For several intense days, our project teams discussed key industry topics, ranging from environmental protection to technological innovations in production and security systems for payment methods. In addition to these topics, the meetings also covered a wide spectrum of other important areas, including packaging, anti-counterfeiting measures, and the automation of production processes.

Exchange of Experience

For us, the key value of this event is the opportunity to meet and exchange experiences with the most experienced industry specialists. This invaluable opportunity for knowledge acquisition and business networking opens up new horizons for us.

Recognition Among Industry Leaders

Thanks to our commitment and activity at this event, Germania Mint has gained visibility and is increasingly recognized on par with the largest state mints. It’s an honor to be treated equally with such renowned industry entities.

Our participation in the 39th Plenary Meeting of the IMD-TC is not only a prestigious event but above all, an opportunity for development, learning, and relationship building in the minting industry. We are hopeful for the future, and our presence at such significant events is a step towards achieving our ambitious goals.

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