Germania 2024 Conquers The World Of Numismatics

Published on 16.02.2024 in News

Germania is a classical collectible coin, introduced in 2019. The series is and will be issued every year, being the flagship of the Germania Mint’s emissions. Made of fine silver and gold, both in BU and PROOF versions, Germania surprises the world of numismatics each year with innovative solutions. And so it is now, let’s discover the 2024 Germania collection.

2024 Germania collection

Germania marches forward

The idea of the series, consisting of silver coins of 1, 2, 10 ounces, and 1 kg, one-ounce silver proof, and one-ounce gold, is the interpretation of the personification of Germania and the double-headed eagle. This effect perfectly corresponds with the concept that arose from the need to create a recognizable coin with a European lineage. Germania evokes the times when this region was inhabited by tribes that gave birth to future European nations… Times when honor and valor prevailed. The choice of Germania’s personification as the main motif of the obverse was obvious – strong, valiant, and dedicated to the cause.

The details of the 2024 Germania 10 oz Silver BU coin

Towards the new

From the very beginning, the figure of Germania has been a pretext to present innovative solutions on the coins. In 2020, this was the striking of a one-kilogram silver coin and an online vote in which collectors themselves chose the obverse design. In 2021, the novelty is an innovative obverse design where the perspective expands with the larger sizes of the coin. In 2022, animation was added, with the figure changing its position with each subsequent coin. In 2023, an enhancement appeared on the one-kilogram version, visible only in UV rays. And this year, the obverse changes, presenting different design details on each size.

The classic reverse as the mint’s hallmark

An integral part of the series is the reverse with the double-headed eagle, a symbol of Roman times. Surrounded by laurels symbolizing wisdom, victory, and justice, along with other symbolic elements on the coin, the eagle evokes strong associations with European values. It is worth emphasizing that the coins from the Germania series have been met with enthusiastic reception by collectors worldwide. They appreciated both the aesthetic aspects and the value of the coins themselves.

Packaging completes the whole

Germania Mint has always attached importance to the presentation of its products. In this case, it couldn’t be different. The coins are available in capsules with lenses and decorative blister packs. Additionally, the kilogram and gold versions come with a wooden box. This year it has changed towards sustainable production, utilizing linen and FSC-certified wood. Each comes with a Certificate of Authenticity containing all necessary information and guaranteeing the coin’s authenticity.

The packaging makes the product presentation complete

To deepen your knowledge of Germanic mythology and stay in this world, we encourage you to also take a look at other coin series from Germania Mint.

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