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Germania Mint is a bullion and commemorative coin manufacturer. The project is a result of many years of experience in the world of numismatics and hundreds of accomplished international commemorative coin collections.


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A Roman mythology symbol associated with Janus - the god of all origins, guardian of doors, gates, passages and bridges, the patron of contracts and alliances. Heads facing the opposite symbolize the past and the future.

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Attribute of gods and heroes, symbol of truth, faithfulness and trust. A defensive part of the weaponry used by horse and foot formations from the Bronze Age through antiquity to the Middle Ages. It has accompanied the images of the greatest warriors.

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The symbol and prize for victory in equal fight inseparably associated with success and outstanding achievements. In ancient Greece athletes were honored with it, while the Romans crowned the head of a victorious commander during his martial triumph.

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Germania Mint is aware and attentively monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic situation.

We would like to inform, that despite the existing situation, we’re working as usual and as planned, to keep the date of issue of our exclusive products on time.

Professional service, the highest quality of our products, on time deliveries and satisfaction of our Customers are highly important to us. However, with regards to real threat, our main priority is to keep our Workers, Customers and all other people engaged in the process, safe.

We will inform about any changes or delays in the process of realisation. At the same time please be aware, that because of the traffic restrictions on the borders, some delays may be expected.

We’re here for you! Please contact us directly on if you have any questions.

Situation is dynamic and may change at any time. We will post any changes on our website.

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