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Germania Mint is a manufacturer of modern collectible and investment products, characterised by unique design, high quality workmanship and innovative packaging. We are one of the fastest growing mints in the world, constantly exploring new areas of the numismatic industry. Our brand name refers to the ancient land where Germania Mint is based.

The historic Germania was located north of the Roman Empire. It stretched east of the Rhine river and north of the upper and middle Danube, encompassing what is now Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. These lands were inhabited not only by Germans, but also by other tribes, including Slavs, who were never completely subjugated by the Roman superpower.

The Germania Mint coat of arms symbolizes the values that guide our work, constantly seeking innovation and excellence in every detail.


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This symbol originates from Roman mythology and is associated with Janus - the god of all beginnings, guardian of doors, gates, passages and bridges, patron of contracts and alliances. Heads turned in opposite directions symbolize the past and the future.

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This attribute of gods and heroes is a symbol of truth, fidelity and trust. It has been a defensive element of the armament of horse and foot formations since the Bronze Age through antiquity to the Middle Ages. It always accompanies the images of the greatest warriors.

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A symbol and reward for victory in equal combat, inextricably associated with success and outstanding achievements. In ancient Greece, it was used to honor athletes, while the Romans used it to crown the head of a victorious leader during his military triumph.

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