World Money Fair 2024: A Milestone Event

Published on 13.02.2024 in News

A week has passed since we returned from Berlin, yet the excitement from participating in the world’s premier numismatic event still lingers. We’re eager to share key highlights from this year’s unforgettable edition, hoping to encapsulate the vibrant atmosphere and momentous happenings of the event.

Spotlight on Germania Mint’s Booth

This year, our presence was more significant than ever, with a strategically positioned booth in the heart of the exhibition hall. We introduced three dedicated meeting spots and, for the first time in history we issued as many as two fair products dedicated to this year’s WMF. The brand new 2 oz Bearlin Silver Cast Bar became an instant sensation and the 2024 Germania 1 oz Silver BU WMF Edition has stolen the hearts of our heroine’s fans. In keeping with tradition, we delighted visitors with our “golden” bars, solidifying this gesture as a hallmark of the World Money Fair experience.

Innovations Unveiled at the Technical Forum

Marking a debut in our active participation, the Technical Forum – a precursor to the fair’s official opening – saw Germania Mint in the spotlight. This gathering of numismatic industry leaders provided the perfect platform for us to showcase our pioneering advancements. Szymon Kurowski, our CEO & Founder, alongside Kuba Zawistowski, our CTO, captivated the audience with an enlightening presentation on our innovative approach to selective plating of precious metals.

Fruitful Meetings with Partners & Clients

The fair facilitated over 200 strategic discussions with Partners and Clients, exploring avenues for collaboration across various sectors including the sale of precious metals, production of numismatics, investment bars, ennobling, and sourcing of new suppliers. This year, we emphasized our sustainable numismatic packaging and introduced Germania Mint’s custom products, which have already captured the hearts of our Clientele.

Engagement with Collectors

The fair was a magnet for numismatics enthusiasts, who eagerly engaged with us, sharing their insights, feedback, and aspirations for our past and forthcoming editions. These in-depth conversations with collectors about their passion, our endeavors, and the future trajectory of Germania Mint infused our team with immense positive energy and a sense of deep appreciation.

A Heartfelt Thank You

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who visited our booth or connected with us behind the scenes at this year’s World Money Fair. It is an honor to represent our entire team at such a prestigious event. Your positive energy is a tremendous source of inspiration for us, and we are committed to continuing to delight collectors with our innovative and cherished creations.


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