The strategy of collecting silver coins

Published on 31.08.2023 in News

Coin collecting is not only a great hobby, but more importantly, it is an opportunity to multiply your wealth. Learning about the history and meanings of individual numismatic coins can also make a difference for you. Regardless of what drives you, if you collect limited-edition collector coins, you are bound to ask yourself this question: what can you do to keep your collection from losing value?

Germania 2023 collectible coins series

Germania 2023 collectible coins series

Greater value of the set

Coin enthusiasts are always looking for ways to increase their collections. Both experienced collectors trying to complete a set and novices just beginning their journey can benefit from new mint ideas for their coin collections, such as Valkyries from Germania Mint.

Valkyries silver coins set

Valkyries silver coins set

Use a market downturn as a buying opportunity

Instead of buying coins when their prices are soaring, it’s wise to buy them during a market downturn. The “buy cheap, sell dear” rule works well for rare coins. Historical trends show that coin prices follow cycles, and this applies to both common and extremely rare coins.

Germania Beasts coin series

Germania Beasts coin series

Keep a catalog of your collection

If you haven’t already done so, creating a catalog of your coin collection is crucial. Cataloging helps keep your collection organized. Ideally, a catalog should include all the details necessary for accurate appraisal.

Careful handling and storage of coins

Although coins are made of metal, their surfaces are delicate and susceptible to damage. Different metals react differently to their environment. By using proper methods of handling and storing coins, you can ensure their better preservation for future generations.
– Wear cotton or latex gloves.
– Touch coins only by their edges.
– Never clean coins! (Cleaning a coin for resale actually harms it. A cleaned coin loses its value and may even become worthless).

Consult your collection with a professional expert

While the dealer you buy your coins from may be knowledgeable, his perspective may lack objectivity. Seeking out a qualified expert to appraise your coins and provide insights is a valuable tip.

For those interested in quality silver collectible coins, Germania Mint releases exceptional quality numismatic coins each year. Discover our unique and rare coins.

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