The Evolution of Wooden Packaging at Germania Mint

Published on 07.10.2023 in News

When it comes to storing collectible coins, especially those crafted from precious metals like silver or gold, durability and preservation are paramount. These coins demand packaging that not only safeguards their condition but also adds an element of exclusivity. To achieve this, Germania Mint introduced wooden packaging, a choice that has proven to be both elegant and high-quality.

Wood emerged as the perfect solution, boasting a unique combination of sophistication and robustness. With the vast variety of wood species available, it became possible to select the perfect hue for each project. This journey began with a resealable wooden box, meticulously crafted to cradle the coin within, ensconced in soft, flock-covered fabric and snugly nestled in foam. The box’s interior included a designated space for a certificate of authenticity, while its exterior showcased a special engraving dedicated to the coin. The first coin to grace this wooden elegance was the 2 oz Silver BU of the Berserk, the inaugural coin of the Warriors series. This choice of wood, with its inherent durability and strength, beautifully resonated with the theme of fearless Germanic warriors.

The development of wooden boxes with subsequent designs

The development of wooden boxes with subsequent designs

Wood transformed the presentation of bullion, elevating it far beyond the standard paper blister packaging. Following the success of the first release, Germania Mint decided to adopt this wooden packaging for all its gold coins. This practice began with the inaugural Germania coin in 2019, and the positive response only solidified its place. Subsequent packaging designs underwent minor refinements, but the inclusion of wood remained a constant.

Changing the concept of using wood – the display unit

In the case of the Valkyries series, wood continued to be the chosen material, albeit with a twist. Here, a one-of-a-kind wooden display unit was created. It wasn’t merely a wooden block; it featured a precisely cut hole for the coin cap and a personalized engraving underneath. Recognizing that wood, being a natural material, can undergo slight dimensional changes due to atmospheric conditions, the mint incorporated foam to secure the coin, ensuring both easy placement and protection against accidental falls.

Changing the concept of using wood - the display unit

The 2020 Germania coin brought another unique twist to the use of wood. This time, the packaging was notably larger than usual, designed to accommodate a hefty 1 kg coin. This served as a testament to the sustainability and reliability of the wood used, as it expertly showcased such a substantial bullion without requiring additional supports.

Sustainable packaging a step into the future

The commitment to sustainability extended to the realm of silver coins. Germania Mint continued to integrate wood into packaging, especially for special coins or entire series. A prime example is the Chameleon 2 oz Silver HR, part of the “Representatives of the Species” series. This particular project paid homage to nature, and as such, the packaging featured only natural materials, including light wood, linen, paper, and cardboard. The packaging itself showcased the intricate high-relief image of a chameleon.

Notably, wooden elements found their way into other packages as well. For instance, coasters in the Acrylic Glass Display package were crafted from this natural material, beautifully complementing coins like the 2023 Malta Copernicus 10 Euro 2 oz Silver BU or the two-ounce coins from the Knights of the Past series.

Chameleon 2 oz Silver HR, part of the "Representatives of the Species" series

In-house carpentry shop – more possibilities

As the demand for wooden packaging grew, Germania Mint took a significant step by establishing its own in-house carpentry shop. This move allowed for faster innovation and ongoing experimentation within the numismatic market. With an in-house carpentry shop, the mint ensures that the wood used in production meets the highest quality standards, guaranteeing the final packaging’s excellence. Today, all wooden elements and packaging are created in-house, marking a growing success in this field. The carpentry shop continues to expand, with increasing production capacity, and Germania Mint aspires to one day offer its expertise to external companies.


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