Invest in Copper with Germania Mint Cast Bars

Published on 25.07.2023 in News

Germania Mint creates and sells collector coins and investment bars. The latter are made not only of Silver or Gold, but also of Copper. The choice of this raw material may seem controversial, so it is worth finding out whether it is good to have Copper.

A metal known for years

Copper is one of the oldest metals known to mankind and has a wide range of applications in various areas of life. It occurs in nature mainly in the form of bullion, a metal ore extracted from the ground. The main Copper deposits are located in South America, Asia and the United States. Copper is also found in Poland, from where Germania Mint obtains it for its Copper Cast Bars.

Copper is a key raw material for many industries and technologies, which makes it play an important role in the global market. It is worth remembering that pure Copper is orange-red in color and darkens as it naturally oxidizes, retaining its properties.

Why is it worth buying Copper

Now that the markets are raging and the whole world is struggling with inflation, investing in precious metals in the form of bars is simply safe. Copper, like many other raw materials, is considered a protective asset. When the value of money declines due to inflation, the value of raw materials, including Copper, can rise, thus protecting the value of your investment.

Invest in Copper

Germania Mint offers Copper Cast Bars weighing 1 kg. Smaller ones, 5 oz and 10 oz, will also go on sale soon, allowing diversification of funds for investment.

The bars, which you can buy from Distributors, are double-protected with individual numbers and encoded holograms, which can be verified in Germania Mint’s product database. To protect them from external conditions, they are individually vacuum-packed and placed in specially designed boxes.

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