How to store collectible coins to maintain their value

Published on 18.09.2023 in News

Anyone who decides to buy collectible coins should know that proper storage is essential to preserve their value and condition for a long time. Learn about the rules to follow so that your coins do not lose their value and always look magnificent.

Coins don’t like to be touched

Try to reach for your numismatic coins as seldom as possible. However, if you must, take care first and foremost:

clean hands: always wash your hands thoroughly before handling coins. Oils and dirt on your fingers can transfer to the surface of the coin and affect its condition.

cotton gloves: When handling valuable coins, consider wearing cotton gloves to prevent direct contact with the surface of the coin.

avoid excessive handling: minimize handling of coins as much as possible. Excessive touching can lead to wear and reduce the condition and value of the coin.


Store coins the right way

If you collect coins, you surely know the importance of storing them properly:

individual holders: store each coin in an individual holder, such as a coin flip, coin capsule or cardboard holder. These protect the coins from physical contact and environmental contamination.

acid-free materials: make sure holders or storage materials are made of acid-free materials to prevent chemical reactions that can damage the coin’s surface.

temperature and humidity: store coins in a stable environment with controlled temperature and humidity. Avoid extreme fluctuations in these conditions, as they can damage the coin. A constant room temperature of about 65-70 °F (18-21 °C) with a relative humidity of 45-55% is ideal.

avoid light: exposure to direct sunlight or strong artificial light can cause coins to fade or tone. Store coins in a dark or dimly lit area.

airtight containers: for long-term storage, consider using airtight containers such as coin tubes or holders with a sealing mechanism. These containers prevent air and moisture from coming into contact with the coin.

avoid PVC and materials containing PVC: PVC (polyvinyl chloride) can release harmful gases that can damage coins over time. That’s why all the capsule Germania Mint uses are free of it. Your coins, whether you collect 1 oz, bullion or UHR, are safe.

Coins don?t like to be touched

Protect yourself from thieves

Your collection will be safe if you hide it in a specially designed safe. Especially for extremely valuable or rare coins, consider storing them in a safe deposit box. It’s also an extra layer of protection against environmental damage.

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