Honoring the Order of Malta: Knights of the Past

Published on 16.10.2023 in News

The Knights of the Past series stands as a remarkable testament to the collaboration between Germania Mint and the Central Bank of Malta. This collection pays tribute to the rich history of the Order of the Knights of Malta by featuring their symbols and distinct elements on a set of exquisite bullion coins. The craftsmanship and intricate design of these coins have captured the admiration of avid collectors. For those keen to delve deeper into the historical backdrop of this exceptional series, we invite you to continue reading.

A glimpse of history encased in silver

In the 11th century, weary and wounded European pilgrims, driven by their pursuit of religious freedom, found refuge and solace in the hospice established by the Order of St. John in Jerusalem. These knights not only pioneered the earliest European hospitals, extending aid to countless underprivileged individuals, but also constructed a formidable naval fleet. Their crusades, marked by both triumphs and setbacks, ultimately led them to the shores of Malta. Here, they established a port, a fortress, a hospital, and a monastic state. The awe-inspiring military prowess of the Order of Malta serves as the inspiration behind a series of bullion coins jointly issued by Germania Mint and the Central Bank of Malta. This modern interpretation of the Knights of Malta?s history beautifully aligns with Germania Mint?s artistic vision.

A glimpse of history encased in silver.

Maltese Symbols that Captivate Collectors

The inaugural coin, introduced in 2021, showcased the Knights of Malta in battle formation, set against the iconic Verdala Palace as a backdrop. A year later, the series depicted the Knights of Malta facing an invading army during the pivotal Great Siege of Malta in 1565 ? a momentous battle in the island?s history and a significant chapter in European history. The final coin in the series, set to be released imminently, portrays the Knights of Malta alongside the Valetta watchtower and the Order?s central headquarters during the island?s siege ? Fort Saint Angelo in Birgu.

Maltese Symbols that Captivate Collectors - High Relief Coins

It’s important to note that the artistic mastermind behind all six coins is Mateusz Frąckowiak, who has been contributing his creative talents to Germania Mint?s coin designs for many years.

The Collection

Each year, Germania Mint unveils a one-ounce silver coin and its opulent two-ounce counterpart ennobled with gold. The first is produced in a limited edition of 15,000 coins, while the second is limited to 999 pieces. Both coins are presented with personalized packaging and a Certificate of Authenticity, making them truly exceptional. Notably, the larger coin boasts a wide frame, adding an extra dimension of variety to this captivating collection.

Two Ways to Explore the Same Theme

The Knights of the Past series stands as a remarkable tribute to the historical significance of the Knights of Malta. These coins, a result of the partnership between Germania Mint and the Central Bank of Malta, offer collectors and history enthusiasts a unique opportunity to own a piece of this fascinating European past. The exquisite design, limited editions, and the connection to a rich historical narrative make these coins a valuable addition to any collection.

The last coin of the series will be available in October 2023 from our Distributors.

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