On the road – autumn events

Published on 16.11.2023 in News

This autumn has been a season of growth and engagement for Germania Mint, as we participated in key industry events across the globe. Our journey took us from Canada to Spain, and soon to China, connecting us with the heart of the numismatic world.

Mint Directors Conference, Ottawa, Canada

In the crisp mid-October air of Ottawa, over 300 industry professionals gathered to discuss the evolving landscape of coin minting. This conference was more than a meeting of minds; it was a think tank for the future of circulating, collector, and bullion coins, with a strong focus on sustainable practices.

Our very own Szymon Kurowski (CEO & Founder) and Jakub Zawistowski (CTO) were at the forefront of these discussions. Their engagement in numerous meetings with potential clients and business partners was a testament to our proactive approach in facing market challenges and seeking collaborative solutions.

During the event Germania Mint was accorded the honor of being invited to join the prestigious International Technical Committee of Mint Directors. This committee plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of technological advancements within our industry.

Szymon Kurowski (Germania Mint) and Marie Lemay (Royal Canadian Mint)

Szymon Kurowski (Germania Mint) and Marie Lemay (Royal Canadian Mint)

Global Precious Metals Conference, Barcelona, Spain

This year’s edition of the conference was attended by many companies and experts in the precious metals industry, who came to obtain information on new opportunities for the development of their companies. It was a unique opportunity to network with leading companies in the global precious metals market.

The conference attracted more than 250 companies from different parts of the world who were interested in participating in this important event. The number of participants exceeded 800 people.

Our representatives, Adriana Czarnecka (Precious Metal Director) and Wiktoria Małysz (Precious Metals Purchase Manager), actively participated in the conference, where prominent speakers discussed key issues related to the development of companies. However, the main purpose of our representatives was to participate in more than 40 meetings with current and potential clients and customers, for which they had been preparing for weeks.

Our representatives, Adriana Czarnecka (Precious Metal Director) and Wiktoria Małysz (Precious Metals Purchase Manager)

Wiktoria Małysz and Adriana Czarnecka (Germania Mint)

Beijing International Coin Exposition, 1-3 December, Beijing, China

This year, the journey of numismatic excellence continues at the Beijing International Coin Exposition in China. We cordially invite you to immerse yourself in the world of numismatics at our booth, A025. Here, you’ll have the exclusive opportunity to explore our latest releases, delve into discussions about collectibles, and discover innovative investment products.

Prepare to be captivated by the unveiling of two extraordinary special editions of Germania Mint Silver Cast Bars. These masterpieces, showcasing our commitment to craftsmanship and quality, are a must-see for enthusiasts and investors alike.

We eagerly anticipate the chance to connect with you, share our passion for numismatics, and explore future possibilities. Join us at the event for an unforgettable experience in the world of precious metals and collectibles. For more details, please visit our page.

Beijing International Coin Exposition in China

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