• Germania 2019 silver coin Averse
  • Germania 2019 silver coin Reverse
  • Germania 2019 tube box
  • Germania 2019 tube box


  • Year: 2019
  • Grade: BU
  • Denomination: 5 Mark
  • Mint mark: Germania Mint
  • Metal content 1 oz
  • Purity 999.9 Ag
  • Diameter 38.61 mm
  • Mintage 500 pcs
  • Finishing:
  • Marketing materials: DOWNLOAD

Product Details:

2019 Germania Space Red

Limited Mintage: Certificate limited mintage worldwide of 500 coins (only available during the World Money Fair 2019)
Contains: 1 oz of 999.9 fine Silver.
Obverse: Features a personification of Germania
Reverse: Displays the effigy of Germania Mint
Finish: Silver, Space Red, Numbering
Package: Quadrum Capsule, Custom Box, Beauty Box

Germania Mint introduces an extraordinary Collector’s Edition 2019 Germania Space Red. The coin is ennobled with a brand new coating, equally mysterious as the figure of Germania itself. The mintage of the coin is certified up to 500 pieces.

The figure of Germania and all inscriptions remain in pure silver, while rest of the coin is covered with a new coating called Space Red. That kind of innovative galvanic ennobling technique creates a noble and metallic character on the surface. The effect is exceptional to achieve on pure silver coins.

On the other side of the coin the Space Red coating is also placed selectively, which results with red metallic background and pure silver elements of the relief. The Space Red ennobling creates a transparent surface, which allows to keep all of the details and the mirror surface undisturbed.

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