Forbes: Germania Mint. Golden business of a private mint

Published on 28.07.2023 in News

?Studying in Wroclaw, coaching swimming in Sydney, or taking over a collector?s store in Jelenia Góra from his father. A dozen years ago, Szymon Kurowski chose a local coin shop to sell his own numismatics in dozens of countries, on all continents”. The latest issue of Forbes magazine features an article profiling the owner of Germania Mint. Here’s the summary of the article in English.

The Recipe for Success? Work as a Hobby

The article presents the remarkable story and achievements of Szymon Kurowski. His success began with a small numismatic store in Jelenia Góra, where as a child, he learned the ins and outs of trading coins and stamps. Even then, his father taught him to value work and self-reliance, which later became crucial to his career.

Szymon quickly developed his entrepreneurial skills, and after years of working in the coin trade, he decided to start his own company. Despite initially making small profits, Szymon quickly gained recognition in the market, and his company became one of the main suppliers of collectible coins to domestic and foreign customers. A significant success was the project with the ?4 Deer? coins issued on the occasion of the 900th anniversary of the founding of Jelenia Góra town, which were very popular and brought considerable profit.

Soon after, another breakthrough came when Szymon decided to focus on innovative packaging for collectible coins, which was enthusiastically received by the market. Using his imagination and skills, he developed unique packaging that set his products apart from the competition. This became one of the key factors in Germania Mint?s success.

Szymon Kurowski Forbes Silver

The next step in the company?s development was the launch of a unique mint brand and its own series of industry changing coin collections. This allowed the young CEO to become independent and increase control over the quality and logistics of his products. Following the success of coins, the company also introduced silver and gold bars to its portfolio.

The company?s success would not have been possible without proper branding and brand recognition. Over the years, Szymon has built Germania Mint?s image by working with reputable financial institutions, which allowed it to earn the trust of customers around the world. The high quality of the products, the innovative approach to designing coins and bars, and the dedication and professionalism of the entire team played a key role in gaining recognition in the numismatic market.

Although the company has achieved spectacular growth, Szymon does not intend to rest on his laurels. He is constantly working on new developments. Germania Mint?s vision is to become the most recognized mint in the world, and Szymon, as an entrepreneurial leader, is always looking for new opportunities to develop and expand his company in the global market.

His unique approach to business, determination, and commitment of his entire team have made Germania Mint one of the fastest-growing players in the investment coin and bar market. Szymon has earned respect both in the numismatic industry and among business partners. His story is an inspiration to many entrepreneurs, showing that commitment, passion, and an innovative approach to business can bring spectacular success in the global market.

The entire article, in Polish, can be read on the Forbes website.

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