First bullion coin from Germania Mint

Published on 14.07.2023 in News

In June, Germania Mint, in partnership with the Central Bank of Malta, released its first bullion coin, 2023 Malta Golden Eagle 5 Euro 1 oz Silver BU. After five years of issuing limited edition collector coins, the mint decided to make more bullion available at a competitive price. Does Prime Bullion from Germania Mint have a chance to compete with the segment’s most popular coins?

A leader in the collector coin industry

Germania Mint has been releasing its coins since 2019, although it has been operating in the precious metals market for almost 30 years. Successively, step by step, it is reaching out to more and more devoted customers. These gratefully and undisguisedly welcome each new product of the brand. This is a big thanks to the high quality of the collector coins offered by Germania Mint, as well as their unique designs, which center around the mythology of the Germanic peoples.

Prime Bullion is more than just a bullion

2023 Malta Golden Eagle 5 Euro 1 oz Silver BU, however, is something completely new. Bullion coins, by design, are used to invest and invest capital and their price is determined by the value of the bullion used for minting. The most famous ones, such as the Krugerrand of South Africa, the American Eagle or the Vienna Philharmonic, have for years been the object of desire of anyone wishing to get rich on bullion. Banks and mints from around the world also issue their bullion products, which are more or less successful.

Malta Golden Eagle bullion coin

In the case of collector coins, the value of the product comes not only from the bullion, but also from the limited mintage, the detail of the design and the quality of the workmanship. Germania Mint chose to position itself somewhere in the middle when deciding to mint its bullion. 2023 Malta Golden Eagle 5 Euro 1 oz Silver BU has a weight of one ounce and was minted in an edition of 100,000 pieces, but the quality of workmanship and design detail is closer to their collector coins.

Silver coins in cooperation with Malta

The theme of the first bullion from Germania Mint is the battle between good and evil, under the characters of a snake and an eagle. The Central Bank Of Malta is a partner in this Germania Mint issue. This is not the first time the mint has partnered with Malta – Knights of The Past series is a perfect example.

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