Coin Certificate – The Proof of Authenticity

Published on 18.08.2023 in News

We believe that every Germania Mint product is a work of art. That is why all our coins come with a Certificate of Authenticity (COA). The certificate is a confirmation of originality and a guarantee of the highest quality in numismatics. It cannot be copied, and once lost, there is no way to reproduce it.

An original coin, made by Germania Mint, is validated by a COA with Germania Mint?s logo. Additionally, certificates of the most precious and limited editions are secured with holograms and unique numbers. The hologram can’t be removed without being damaged, which means it can?t be transferred to any other product. This solution is appreciated by our Collectors and Investors.

Germania Mint Certificate of Authenticity

Reasons why people choose to invest in certified coins

  • Authenticity: Certificates confirm a coin’s authenticity. There are many counterfeit coins these days, so owning a certified coin gives you confidence that it is genuine.
  • Market value: Certified coins often have a higher market value than non-certified coins. This is related to confidence in the evaluation of preservation and authenticity.
  • Investment: Some investors buy certified coins as a form of investment. The value of some rare or historically significant coins can increase over time, attracting investors who hope to profit from future resale.
  • Collecting: For numismatic enthusiasts, certified coins are an interesting part of a collection. With certificates, one can accurately track the history and characteristics of a particular coin.
  • Education: Having certified coins can help educate about numismatics and history. Certificates provide detailed information about a particular coin, which can be an interesting history lesson.
  • Aesthetics: Some people appreciate the beauty and aesthetics of coins. Certified coins are often carefully preserved and present a high level of workmanship.


Validating Germania Mint products

If you are in doubt if the certificate that came with your coin is genuine you can always contact us to validate it. We are also working on an online verification panel, where you?ll be able to upload the code from the COA and validate the authenticity of the coin online.

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