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One of the most important aspects of creating a new product is ensuring that the packaging is appropriate, secure and elegant. To make sure that the coins are optimally protected and displayed, Germania Mint has created custom caps that take interaction with the coin to the next level.

One of the innovations in Germania Mint’s capsules is the use of a lens effect that highlights the details of the coin, allowing the Collector to admire it even more. Each capsule is dedicated to a specific coin, and its dimensions are adjusted with attention to the smallest details. The mint’s use of materials with the highest degree of durability and transparency ensures that the capsules fulfill their functional and aesthetic role.

Thanks to the company’s experience in developing its own products, Germania Mint now offers all its know-how in cap design to other manufacturers. In order to check the possibility to order solutions dedicated to your products, we encourage you to contact us.


kapsle do monet sklep