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The owner of the Germania Mint brand is a long-standing leader of the numismatic industry – Kurowski Group. This is the first numismatic project, in which Kurowski Group is fully responsible for all stages of product development, starting from design and production of coins and their packaging, through marketing activities, to the sale of the final product.

The success of the project is based on many years of experience in the world of numismatics and hundreds of completed international projects, i.e. collections of commemorative coins. In a short period of time, the Germania Mint products have taken over the world markets. In the United States, coins with the image of Germania’s personification are particularly popular. Each successive issue of this coin arouses a lot of emotions and its market prices surprise even the most experienced collectors.

Using 10 years of experience in the production of numismatic packaging and coin refining, we create unique solutions for Germania Mint products. Capsules, metallized blisters, wooden boxes and other accessories, designed for a specific coin are an integral part of the visual identification of each issue. These packaging not only protects the coins from damage or the passage of time, but also completes the story which each Germania Mint coin carries with it.

In 2021 alongside the continuation of the coin collections we will issue new investment products. The beginning of the year will start with 1000 g Silver Cast Bars. The offer will be systematically extended with silver bars of other sizes and Gold Cast Bars. Bars due to their refined appearance, high quality workmanship and innovative packaging, are not only an investment but also a collector’s product.

The huge success of Germania Mint inspires us to create new, equally great projects and climb the heights of the numismatic world!