Acrylic Glass Display – next level in collectible coins packaging

Published on 04.10.2023 in News

For anyone who collects silver coins, the way they are presented and stored is of great importance. Germania Mint has emphasized this aspect of the product from the very beginning. Our packaging is distinguished not only by the high quality of its workmanship, but also by the story it conveys. Today we will talk about the Acrylic Glass Display – a unique way of presenting coins.

The innovative Acrylic Glass Display, our acrylic glass presenter housed in a wooden stand.


Every package we prepare is related to the product. This applies to all collectible coins and investment bars. Over the years, we have developed proprietary types of packaging that not only protect the products, but also allow them to be presented with dignity. Our blisters, wooden boxes or displays tell the story behind the numismatic coins. The innovative Acrylic Glass Display, our acrylic glass presenter housed in a wooden stand, is no different.

The choice of material is not accidental. Acrylic glass guarantees durability while posing no risk of chemical reaction with the surface of the coin. In addition, this material is easy to process, which allows to create packaging ideal even for irregularly shaped coins with high relief. And precision is very important here, because a coin with a cap must fit perfectly into the hole to exclude the possibility of it falling out of the display.

Acrylic Glass Display - a unique coin presenter.

Presenter for exceptional silver coins

Our first coin for which we designed an acrylic glass presenter was the Germania Beasts – Fafnir Ultra Double High Relief 2 oz Silver BU. Its ultra high relief, the highest for the time, proved to be quite problematic for the capsule. Therefore, the coin was placed in an acrylic plate glued to a wooden stand, sealed on both sides and held together by small magnets placed on the edges of the plates. Such glass, fully transparent, at the same time provided great protection for the coin. In addition, we printed a thematic print on one of the tiles to further emphasize the unique nature of the product. What’s more, on the wooden stand we engraved the full name of the coin on display.

Another coin where we used acrylic glass was the Notre Dame 2 oz Silver HR. This design was very detailed and full of refinements, so we opted for a more minimalist packaging. The coin was in a capsule, and the glass itself was both a display and a stand. Because of the use of the capsule, it was no longer necessary to add magnets and plates, which made the display more attractively priced. We printed a rosette on the acrylic, which composed beautifully with the whole.

Subsequent Acrylic Glass Display designs changed with each product – with the Impact Moments: Meteorite 2 oz Silver HR, the capsule was again abandoned to make sure that the capsule would not damage the convex edges of the coin. This is because a fragment of a meteorite was placed in the numismat, which also necessitated additional protection for the whole thing. The coin itself refers to the extinction of the dinosaurs as a result of a meteorite hitting the earth 66 million years ago.

New shape for better personification of the product

For our latest Copernicus 10 Euro 2 oz Silver BU coin, we have changed the shape of the acrylic and the base, from rectangles to circles. This makes the packaging even more reminiscent of the famous astronomer’s work, On the Revolutions of the Celestial Spheres. In addition, with Copernicus, we applied color printing to the glass to better illustrate the solar system during the great Pole’s time.

The packaging refers to the work of the famous astronomer.

But it doesn’t stop there… The acrylic presenter is also an integral part of the Knights of the Past series, the latest installment of which will be available for purchase soon. Here the print referring to the history of the Order of the Knights of Malta reigns supreme. As you can see, we like this form of coin presentation, so we certainly haven’t said the last word ?.

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