2023 Beech Leaf 1 oz Silver BU

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  • 2023 Beech Leaf 1 oz Silver BU obverse
  • 2023 Beech Leaf 1 oz Silver BU reverse
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2023 Beech Leaf 1 oz Silver BU


  • Year: 2023
  • Grade: BU
  • Denomination: 5 mark
  • Mint mark: Germania Mint
  • Metal content 1 oz
  • Purity 999.9 Ag
  • Diameter 38,61 mm
  • Mintage 25 000 pcs
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Obverse: Beech leaf
Reverse: Germania Mint coat of arms

Introducing the fourth and final coin in the Mythical Forest series, a tribute to the power and mysticism of trees. The beech tree is a symbol of divine wisdom and law, as well as longevity. Its crown was believed to be inhabited by Svarog, the Slavic god of fire and sunlight, which was confirmed by the tree’s resistance to lightning strikes.

Consuming the young leaves of the beech tree and its fruits, one fell into a state of intoxication, which allowed one to calm down, get rid of unnecessary thoughts, which in turn was supposed to facilitate contact with the deity. In the shade of the tree’s sizable crown, people spent time talking to the god, which is why statues were erected under the beech tree, burial shrines were built, and barrows were spread.

The obverse of the Germania Mint coin shows a beech leaf and its flower, the fruit of which was used to induce hallucinations. The reverse depicts a double-headed eagle, already familiar to Collectors, symbolizing the past and the future. The lightnings in its claws are a divine attribute, signifying the power to create and destroy.

Each piece of the 2023 Beech Leaf 1 oz Silver BU is secured in a lens capsule, that allows you to admire the coin?s design even more. The included Certificate of Authenticity contains all the necessary information and guarantees the coin?s originality.