2022 Linden Leaf 1 oz Gold Proof

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  • 2022 Linden Leaf 1 oz Gold Proof obverse
  • 2022 Linden Leaf 1 oz Gold Proof reverse
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2022 Linden Leaf 1 oz Gold Proof


  • Year: 2022
  • Grade: Proof
  • Denomination: 100 mark
  • Mint mark: Germania Mint
  • Metal content 1 oz
  • Purity 999.9 Au
  • Diameter 32.00 mm
  • Mintage 100 pcs
  • Finishing:
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Obverse: Linden leaf
Reverse: Germania Mint coat of arms

Introducing the gold edition of the third coin in the Mythical Forest series, a tribute to the power and mysticism of trees. The linden tree is a symbol of femininity, life and vitality. In Germanic mythology, it was associated with Freyja, the goddess of love and fertility, Odin’s spouse. The linden is also a tree of lovers, under which they danced and celebrated, so it was planted in the central part of villages.

Planting a linden tree commemorated important events, such as a weddings or childbirths. Coffins were also made from its wood to ensure a peaceful sleep after death. Since the linden tree was associated with peace, it was also a good material for cradles. People took shelter under the tree during storms, believing it protected them from lightning. Touching the bark of the linden tree, on the other hand, was believed to draw diseases out of people and its health properties are widely known and valued even today.

On the obverse of the coin Germania Mint presents a linden leaf and its flower. It was the inflorescence of this long-lived tree that was used in herbalism and natural medicine. The reverse depicts a double-headed eagle, already familiar to Collectors, symbolizing the past and the future. The lightnings in its claws are a divine attribute, signifying the power to create and destroy.

The Linden Leaf 2022 1 oz Gold Proof uniqueness has been emphasized with elegant packaging. Coin secured in an individually selected capsule has been placed in the stylish, wooden box, decorated with golden engrave of Germania Mint?s coat of arms. All closed in simple and neat beautybox, creates an exceptional set.

All our coins are certificated. The COA included in every set provides all the necessary information and guarantee coins value.