The Germania Beasts: Fafnir Geminus 1 oz

gold line
After a long wait, we are proud to present “Fafnir” – the first coin starting our new series “Germania Beasts”. The coin is characterized not only by a mystical theme, but also by a unique design, that passes from the coin’s obverse to the reverse, creating a complete image. Fafnir – the mythological beast, was often depicted as a dragon or a great snake. He was characterized by extraordinary intelligence, but also ruthlessness and enormous power. The obverse and the reverse of the coin form together a sign of infinity.

The coin will be available in two versions – the first one will be a classic silver coin in a single cap, while the second is going to be a special limited edition, where a set of two coins will be covered with several precious metals, forming together a coherent whole in a dedicated blister.

gold line

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