Germania Mint Packages

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The highest purity of silver and gold, as well as a unique design, deserve a certificate of metal quality. Because we treat each our coin as a work of art, we have decided to attach a certificate to every coin, even to those from the issue of 1 oz, 25 000 pcs.

COA of Germania 2020 1 oz Silver BU

Certificate of authenicity Germania 2020 1 oz silver BU

Furthermore, the certificates that are added to the coins released in smaller quantities have an extra protection – a hologram. The hologram on the certificate cannot be removed without damage and transferred to another product. In addition to a special design with the logo, Germania Mint also provides a unique number, which is assigned to the product in our database.

We are working on an online platform to provide you with a verification panel, thanks to which Clients will be able to read the code from their certificates and confirm the authenticity of the products.

Advanced Germania Mint hologram with unique serial number


We are proud to present packaging designed especially for Germania Mint – with unique metallic paper, individual printing and amazing 3D embossing on the cover. The quality and amazing design of the packaging goes hand in hand with the quality of the coins presented in them. The packages not only protect the coins but also tell a story…

oak leaf blisterpack package

Coin package printed on metallic paper with a very high embossing


Our offer also includes an exclusive and at the same time one of the highest standard packaging which is an elegant box made of solid wood. Manufactured entirely in Europe out of seasoned wood from certified sources, usually used for treasurable products and the most precious gold coins.

wooden box of gold oak leaf proof 1 oz 2019

Wooden box – premium package for gold coins


When creating remarkable coins of the best quality, it is equally important to us to provide each our product with suitable, safe and elegant packages. That is why we care so much about the quality and design of our capsules. Regardless of what metal the coins are made of, or in what mintage they are – the capssules are always of the same highest quality.

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