• Germania 2019 silver coin Averse
  • Germania 2019 silver coin Reverse
2021 Chestnut Leaf 1 oz Gold BU


  • Year: 2021
  • Grade: BU
  • Denomination: 100 Mark
  • Mint mark: Germania Mint
  • Metal content 1 oz
  • Purity 999.9 Au
  • Diameter 32.00 mm
  • Mintage 100 pcs
  • Package:
2021 Chestnut Leaf 1 oz Gold BU

Limited mintage: 100 coins worldwide
Contains: 1 oz of 999.9 Fine Gold
Package: Capsule, Certificate of Authenticity, Beautybox, Wooden box

2021 Chestnut Leaf 1 oz Gold BU

Limited Mintage: 100 coins worldwide
Contains: 1 oz of 999.9 fine Gold
Obverse: Chestnut leaf
Reverse: Bicephalous Eagle
Package: Capsule, Certificate of Authenticity, Wooden Box, Beautybox

We are pleased to present the second coin from the Mythical Forest series –  2021 Chestnut Leaf.

Chestnut is a very popular tree, in Europe planted by Rome armies. Mythology and the history of magic are full of miraculous recipes and advices on how to use almost every its part. Its fruits symbolizes chastity and it’s believed that chestnut increase fertility and desire, that’s why is carried by women who want to conceive. Chestnut wood is known for properties that bring success and love. Druids used it to made talismans, because the physical connection allowed the user to draw longevity and invigoration from the wood. Chestnut is a beautiful and powerful tree. Its power can be easily notice by sitting on the ground next to it and letting its energy to clear the mind.

Germania Mint has placed the design of chestnut leaf and its fruits on the gold and silver coins, to help bring luck and happiness to its owners.

The two-headed eagle is the symbol appearing in Roman mythology associated with Janus – the god of all origins, guardian of doors, gates, passages and bridges, the patron of allied agreements and arrangements. The head turned in opposite directions symbolizes the past and the future. The lightning held in the claws of the eagle are a divine attribute, symbolizing strength and the power of creation and destruction.

The Chestnut Leaf 2021 1 oz Gold BU uniqueness has been emphasized with elegant packaging. Coin secured in an individually selected capsule has been placed in the stylish, wooden box, decorated with golden engrave of Germania Mint’s coat of arms. All closed in simple and neat beautybox, creates an exceptional set.

All our coins are certificated. The COA included in every set provides all the necessary information and guarantee coins value.

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